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Sell Like Crazy Book Landing Page Psychology Breakdown

In this article, you’re going to learn 7 psychology-based strategies used on the Sell Like Crazy landing page.

Sell Like Crazy is a book written by Sabri Suby, the founder of Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing agency – King Kong.

I’m going to explain (with examples) how Suby uses time-tested psychology and persuasion tactics to sell tens of thousands of copies of the Sell Like Crazy book.

If you understand what these tactics are and how to apply them, you can copy and paste them into your own landing pages to instantly explode sales.

Sabri Suby claims his sales and marketing strategies have generated over $1.33 billion in sales. And it’s because he understands how to use these exact persuasion and influence principles.

You’re about to learn…

  • 3 ways to establish yourself or your business as the expert authority in your industry
  • 5 simple tactics Suby uses to keep people reading the content on his landing page (over 7000 words)
  • A strategy used in Hollywood movies that can make people desperate to buy your offering
  • Power words and phrases that build huge desire in your offering (3 examples)
  • The reason why Suby uses the same two-word phrase 37 times on the landing page

You won’t even find most of these strategies inside the Sell Like Crazy book. I suspect that Suby didn’t want to give away his most powerful ideas.

1. Establishing Credibility & Authority

Authority is one of the most powerful psychological triggers of persuasion.

People are naturally wired to accept information coming from an authority. This is why advertisers will go to great lengths to demonstrate their credibility and authority.

It’s one of the main persuasion tools used by Suby in the Sell Like Crazy landing page. Suby knows that if readers view him as an authority on marketing, they will be much more likely to buy the book.

Even in the landing page headline, Suby is starting to build his sense of credibility…

sell like crazy book headline

Being the author of a #1 Amazon best-selling book and the founder of Australia’s fastest-growing digital agency gives Suby instant credibility.

Let’s look at the other methods used to establish authority…

Highlighting Association With Other Authorities

One way of establishing authority is by connecting yourself with other credible figures in your industry.

sabri suby testimonials

Sabri uses these endorsements to associate himself with high profile figures in business and marketing like Dan Lok and Craig Ballantyne. Even if you’ve never heard of Sabri Suby before but you follow and trust Nathan Chan, some of that trust will be carried over to Suby.

The landing page also includes photos of Suby on the front cover of Foundr Magazine. He highlights that other well-known figures like Tony Robbins and Richard Branson have also appeared on the front cover of Foundr Magazine.

Featuring Media Exposure

As well as his feature on the cover of Foundr Magazine, Subi highlights other media outlets that have featured him. The list includes Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc, Huffington Post and Sydney Morning Herald.

sell like crazy media exposure

Being featured in such media outlets gives Subi significant credibility. Readers are much more likely to trust his expertise simply because of this media exposure.

He is also smart to include screenshots from the articles about him. Seeing these screenshots has a much more powerful impact than if he were to only mention that he’d been featured in them.

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2. How To Make Content Easy To Read

In one of his YouTube videos, Sabri Suby claims that users spend over 20 minutes on average on this landing page.

That’s an extremely long time to keep someone on a landing page!

But how does he do it?

He makes the content on the page extremely easy to read. Look at these opening paragraphs on the landing page and notice how easy it is to read…

There are three key reasons why this content is so easy to read –

  1. Each paragraph is only one sentence. Shorter paragraphs are much easier for people to read.
  2. Each sentence is relatively short. No more than 14 words.
  3. He uses simple, easy to understand words.

The best copywriters in the world all use the same techniques. They all use short sentences, short paragraphs and simple language.

If your text is too difficult to read, people just won’t continue reading. Reading long and complex paragraphs is difficult. It takes a lot of mental energy.

And because your brain would prefer to conserve that energy, you just don’t read it. But if people don’t read the content on your sales page, your chances of making a sale are slim.

As well as this, Suby also uses the following strategies to make the sales page easier to read…

  1. He breaks up the text with multiple subheadings throughout the page
  2. Use of images and graphics to break up the text
  3. Use of bullet points (like this) throughout the page, which allows readers to quickly scan through the page
  4. He uses informal, easy to understand language
  5. Use of bold, underlined and highlighted text (all of which make it easier to scan through the page)

You can apply these same strategies to your own landing page, website, emails or other marketing materials.

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3. Leverage The Power Of Curiosity

The excerpt below is from near the beginning of the sales page…

curiosity in marketing

This text creates huge levels of curiosity in the reader.

Who wouldn’t want to know what’s ‘different‘ about this selling system? Or what those themes that emerged are.

By stirring up enough curiosity in readers, Sabry is able to ensure that they continue reading to get answers to those questions. This is a common technique not only used in marketing but also in film and television.

We’ve all watched a TV series where the episode finishes with a cliffhanger. You’re so curious to find out what happens next that you just have to watch the next episode.

Curiosity is extremely powerful if used well.

Later in the page, he continues to use curiosity to create questions in the reader’s mind. He creates what’s known as an open-loop. And the loop can only be closed by buying the book.

Every one of these bullet points employs curiosity to build a desire to buy the book.

Readers want to find out what the most violated rule in digital marketing is. They want to know what the fatal mistake is. And they want to know what the incredibly simple method is.

To get answers to those questions, the reader has to buy Sell Like Crazy.

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4. Use of Power Words & Phrases

There are certain words and phrases in sales and marketing that can strongly influence readers.

If you know what these words and phrases are, you can copy and paste them into your own sales pages or advertising.

The Sell Like Crazy landing page is full of these power words and phrases. Subi uses them throughout the page because he knows just how powerful they are in influencing people.

In this section I’ll go through three of the most powerful words and phrases used and why they are so effective.

“Selling System”

Our first power phrase is “selling system.” The phrase is so powerful, that Suby uses it a total of 37 times throughout the landing page.

The word “system” has serious psychological appeal to readers and is often used by people selling information products like Suby.

“System” indicates to the reader that someone has already figured this out. There is no need for guesswork or trial and error. Somebody else has already done that and now you can just follow their system.

That is extremely appealing to people because humans tend to prefer the easy option. Most people don’t want to waste time and money figuring out marketing themselves.

At its core, it appeals to the desire for ease. And that desire is a huge motivator.

“Little Known Strategy”

I could probably write an entire article about why this phrase is so powerful – “a little known strategy.”

People are always searching for the secret hack or strategy that most people don’t know about.

It’s common in the dieting industry, where a company might promote “a little known ingredient that supercharges weight loss.”

People also like to think that if it’s a little known strategy, it could be an opportunity to gain an advantage over others. This advantage could be rewarding financially but it also appeals to the ego.


The word “secret” is extremely persuasive for similar reasons to “little known strategy.”

It gives people hope that there could be an easier, better and more profitable way of marketing. Giving people hope is one of the most powerful ways to motivate them to take action.

The word “secret” also generates curiosity, which I have already discussed. People want to know what this secret is.

And it also appeals to the egoic mind. Holding ‘secret’ or ‘little known information’ makes people feel important. They have something that others don’t.

It also gives people an opportunity to share this secret information with others. People love sharing secrets, because they believe it will raise their social status.

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5. Going Against Conventional Wisdom

Suby often mentions that his advice is the opposite of what other gurus are teaching…

This again creates high levels of curiosity. Readers will wonder what he does to get people opening his emails.

But it will have a particularly powerful effect on people who have followed classic marketing advice in the past and failed to get the results they wanted.

Knowing that Suby’s ideas are the polar opposite to what everyone else is doing, will give them hope that this will out-perform the conventional advice that already failed them.

Those people don’t want more of the same. They want something different. And Suby is offering that to them.

This tactic also triggers The One effect. I explain how The One effect works in my article on ClickFunnels founder, Russell Brunson.

6. Use Of Repetition

The Sell Like Crazy book landing page is long. In fact, it’s over 7324 words!

But most of it isn’t new information. No…it’s just the same information being repeated over and over again.

On the one single page, Suby…

  • Repeats his guarantee – 3 times
  • Repeats the same story of how he started with less than $50 – 2 times
  • Tells you his system has generated $1.33 billion in sales – 7 times
  • Repeats the phrase “selling system” – 37 times
  • Repeats his call to action button (Rush Me A Free Copy) – 14 times

Why repeat the same things over and over?

Suby knows that the more you hear something, the more you will accept it as truth. Once accepted, it has more power to influence you.

It’s related to a psychological bias known as the illusory truth effect.

This is why brands will repeat the same ads and slogans over and over again. On first exposure to an ad or a slogan or a claim, you’re mind is likely to dismiss it.

But through repeated exposure, it becomes more familiar to you and your subconscious mind is more likely to accept it.

The first time you hear Suby claim that his system has generated $1.33 billion in sales, you may not even believe it. The sceptical part of your mind will kick into gear.

But as you keep hearing this claim over and over, your mind becomes less resistant to it.

Politicians are known for constantly repeating the same claims and ideas. This is because they understand just how powerful repetition can be.

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7. Fear

Fear is a powerful motivator in sales and marketing.

We’ve all seen advertising campaigns that highlight negative consequences of certain actions (or inaction). Think of ads showing the consequences of smoking.

Suby plants seeds of fear throughout the Sell Like Crazy landing page…

fear based marketing

This fear-appeal above will really speak to business owners reading the landing page. Especially if they already have concerns that their website is not designed optimally.

fear marketing

Readers will fear they could be making this same fatal mistake and it could be killing their sales.

As well as creating a sense of fear, this language creates further curiosity. Who wouldn’t want to know what the most violated rule in digital marketing is?

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How To Apply This Information

What I’ve covered in this article are just some of the psychological and persuasion tactics being used to sell the Sell Like Crazy book by Sabri Suby.

There are actually many more that I haven’t mentioned in this article.

But the ones I have discussed are extremely potent. These strategies have a strong influence on people.

I recommend reading through the entire landing page yourself and even buying the book.

Now that you know what these tactics are, you can start using them in your own sales and marketing.

Here is a quick recap on the lessons covered in this article…

  1. Connect yourself (or your brand) with other credible figures to establish yourself as an authority. Media exposure and endorsements work well for this.
  2. Make your landing page and other marketing content easy to read. Use short sentences, paragraphs and break up your content with subheadings and images.
  3. Build curiosity on your landing page to keep people reading and create desire for your offering.
  4. Use power words and phrases in your marketing for maximum impact. It’s good to keep a list of these when you see them.
  5. Offer a unique approach/solution that goes against conventional wisdom.
  6. Repeat your major claims and benefits in your landing page.
  7. Use fear to motivate readers into action.

These lessons can be applied to landing pages but also your advertising campaigns.

Each of these lessons are based on well-established principles of psychology and persuasion. They are extremely effective and have been used in advertising for decades.

To learn more about psychology and persuasion tactics you can use in your marketing, I recommend reading the posts below.

Do you want to learn how to apply marketing psychology tactics like these to your own marketing campaigns? Book a 60 minute consultation to learn exactly how to do this.

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