About Richard McGrath

My name is Richard and I started the Conversion Buzz blog.

I’m a digital marketing specialist and I live in Queensland, Australia.

From 2010-2012, I studied marketing at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. After completing my studies, I worked in sales, marketing and even as a fitness coach.

Even though I had studied marketing and been working in the industry for a few years, I still felt like there was so much I didn’t understand. I began studying some of the all-time great marketers and reading their books. I would analyze the best marketing materials I could find and try to figure out what made them successful.

I needed a way to put these lessons into practice so I launched a few of my own businesses. I began a digital marketing agency called All Chat Solutions and my own health and fitness brand called Verve Health Co.

As I worked with clients and built my own businesses, I started to understand what really works and what doesn’t.

Inspired by books like Influence by Robert Cialdini and Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman, I developed a fascination with the psychology behind sales and marketing. I analyzed the psychology behind the marketing campaigns of the world’s leading brands, copywriters, coaches and authors.

Why I Started This Blog

I realized there was a lot of misleading content about marketing online. To be successful in marketing, I discovered you have to understand human behavior. You have to know the psychology behind what drives consumer decisions.

Unfortunately, very few people are talking about this. There is so much content online about Facebook Ads, SEO, funnels, social media, etc.. And these things are important to understand as a digital marketer.

But if you don’t understand the psychology behind consumer behavior, it will be extremely difficult to succeed in the digital marketing world. When you understand the desires, values and beliefs of consumers, you can create irresistible marketing campaigns.

The best marketing professionals and brands in the world clearly understand this. Top brands will pay thousands to psychology professionals to help make their marketing more persuasive.

Facebook became a $70 billion company because they understood how to tap into human desires and make their platform so addictive to users. They didn’t create a great funnel to get users on the site. It wasn’t their conversion rate optimization that made them the most popular social media network in the world. They just understood human behavior extremely well.

Donald Trump became president because he understood people better than any of his political rivals. It wasn’t because his team outspent all his rivals with Facebook ads. In fact, he spent far less on advertising than other candidates in the 2016 election campaign. But he did understand the psychology principles behind marketing better than any other candidate.

So I started this blog to help businesses learn how to create highly persuasive and irresistible marketing based on psychology principles.

If you would like to contact me, please visit the contact page. I currently offer marketing consulting services for businesses wanting to reach more people, make more sales and have more impact.