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Easy1Up Marketing Analysis: Should You Join?

Network marketing company Easy1Up offers a compelling rewards system for members…

100% direct payment on product sales.

Their banners ads claim you can earn $500 per day. If you were wondering, that adds up to $182,500 per year!

But how ‘easy’ is it actually to earn money with Easy1Up?

I carefully reviewed their website and marketing materials to see just how possible it is for members to earn a high income.

In this article, I reveal…

  • How brands develop trust
  • A serious problem with the Easy1Up website
  • How other members are promoting the business
  • Whether you can make money as an Easy1Up affiliate
  • Alternative options to make money online

About Easy1Up

Easy1Up (E1U) is an MLM company offering digital marketing training products.

The company was founded by Peter Wolfing, who is also the founder of Multiplex Systems Inc. Wolfing claims to have been in the direct sales industry for over 30 years.

Easy1Up offers a money making opportunity for their members. Once a member has purchased one of the E1U products, they can earn money by referring others to the company.

Some members in their Facebook group claim to have earned as much as $54,000 in less than 90 days.

They operate much like an affiliate marketing company. Members are given a unique affiliate link to promote the company. If someone purchases a product from that link, the member receives a commission.

It’s unclear how long the company has been in existence. But the easy1up.com domain name was first registered in 2007.

MLM Trust Issues

MLM companies and make money online opportunities already suffer from a trust problem.

The general public is naturally skeptical of these companies. Many view them as pyramid schemes.

It’s important for all companies to develop trust with their audience. But even more so for network marketing companies.

Knowing this, some MLM companies will go to great lengths to create a perception of trust and credibility. In another post, I discuss how travel MLM company, inCruises develops trust and credibility through their marketing.

For anyone involved with network marketing, it’s essential that your company overcomes trust issues in their marketing. Recruiting new members will be nearly impossible if other people don’t trust the company.

Unfortunately, Easy1Up fails to generate trust through their online marketing presence. This should be a major red flag for anyone considering joining the company.

Firstly, I’m going to explain how brands develop trust. Then I’m going to show you why Easy1Up fails to create trust and why this is a problem for their members.

The Psychology of Trust & Credibility

Trust in a brand is often formed subconsciously.

There are various factors that will determine whether someone trusts a brand or not.

Most people have an image in their mind of what a trustworthy brand looks like. They have certain expectations about the brand’s website design, social media presence and communication.

A website with a clean and modern design is more likely to be perceived as trustworthy. Take a look at the design of Apple’s website for example.

Web users will form an opinion about a website in just 0.05 seconds. The first thing that shapes this impression is the design. If the website doesn’t immediately signal credibility, users will most likely leave.

An active social media presence will also increase trust. High levels of activity on social media channels will signal to consumers that this is a credible brand.

Social media channels can also increase a brand’s perceived credibility if they have a high follower count. People automatically associate high followers with credibility.

This is known as the bandwagon effect.

If a brand does not meet these expectations – if their website is poorly designed or if they aren’t active on social media, they will instantly be perceived as less credible.

Successful brands know how important trust is. So they will use techniques designed to increase trust in their brand.

Obviously this starts with a well designed website and active social media presence. But savvy brands go beyond this.

A simple method of boosting trust in your brand is by providing customer testimonials on your website. Video testimonials are particularly effective.

The screenshot below is from the Authority Hacker sales page. They use Scott’s testimonial and testimonials from various other students to boost trust in their brand.

As well as testimonials, brands can generate further trust by associating themselves with other trustworthy organizations or figures.

For example, a business coach could include a photo of themselves with high profile figures like Tony Robbins or Oprah Winfrey. Because Tony Robbins and Oprah are already viewed as trustworthy, the business coach would also be perceived as more credible.

This is a concept known as authority by association, which I talk about in my article about JT Foxx.

Why Easy1Up Fails The Trust & Credibility Test

Easy1Up completely fails to generate trust through their online presence.

This means if you were to register for Easy1Up, you’re going to face a lot of difficulties in attracting new members. And if you’re not attracting new members, you’re not making money.

With its outdated design, the website creates a bad first impression and fails to establish credibility…

The website looks like it could have been built in under a day and it has an early 2010’s appearance to it.

It lacks the style and professionalism that people expect to see on a credible website in 2020.

Research from Stanford found that at least 75% of people will make a judgment on a company’s credibility based on their website design. This means you can’t afford to have a website that looks like it was designed 10 years ago.

The text on their home page is poorly written and lacks impact. The color scheme is uninspiring. There is a testimonials page on the website but it’s not well presented, includes no images and no videos.

The website does include a profile of founder Peter Wolfing, but doesn’t even include his last name. How can the audience trust this company if it’s own founder is not willing to attach his name to the site?

Omitting the founders surname may not seem like a big issue. But each of these small factors contributes to the overall impression of the company.

You could compare Easy1Up to The Affiliate Institute. Both are MLM companies that offer digital marketing training. But look at the difference in The Affiliate Institute’s website…

the affiliate institute

The Affiliate Institute website has a clean, modern design, which instantly generates perceived credibility.

It should be noted that The Affiliate Institute may not even be as good as Easy1Up in terms of the opportunity they offer. I haven’t tried either product, so I don’t know.

But they are guaranteed to form a more favorable impression with prospect members, simply due to their website design, as well as other factors.

Aside from their poor website, Easy1Up has no social media presence, apart from a single Facebook group. Even for an MLM, this is unusual. This again signals to the audience that this is not a reputable company.

For a company that offers business and marketing training, these are inexcusable mistakes.

How Are Members Promoting Easy1Up?

While researching Easy1Up, I was curious to discover how members are promoting the system.

The E1U website is unlikely to generate sales for members, due to it’s lack of credibility.

So I searched through Facebook groups to find members who were promoting the Easy1Up system in MLM groups. I wanted to see whether they had a special sales page to send me to.

Or even if they had a secret marketing funnel.

As I searched through these groups, I came across numerous posts mentioning HUGE FAST money, like this…

easy1up system

The posts all lead to the Easy1Up home page, with their affiliate link.

As I’ve already discussed, the website is poorly designed and appears untrustworthy. Aside from its bad design, the website is not optimized to generate sales.

You could compare the Easy1Up website to a bad door to door salesperson. The salesperson shows up at your door. They’re poorly dressed so they’re already forming a bad impression.

They make a quick 30 second unconvincing pitch and then they ask you to buy their product.

The Easy1Up website is the online equivalent of this salesperson.

If these group members are sending prospects directly to the website, they won’t be generating sales.

So I messaged some of these group members to see if they had any other promotional materials to send me.

Most didn’t respond to my message. Which suggests that they have already given up on E1U.

But the members who did respond sent me more links to the website or the Facebook group.

What Is The Vertex Lead System?

As I dug deeper into Easy1Up, I discovered the Vertex Lead System.

The Vertex Lead System includes customized landing pages, a video presentation about Easy1Up and email auto-responders. It’s a digital marketing system designed to help E1U members recruit more members.

Instead of sending prospects to the E1U home page, members can send prospects to a customized landing page that has been designed for higher conversions.

Members need to pay an extra $97 to access the Vertex Lead System. That’s on top of the fees they have already paid to join Easy1Up.

vertex lead system

The sales page that members get access to through Vertex Lead System is an improvement on the Easy1Up website. It probably converts at a higher rate.

But the design still appears outdated. Even the video presentation, which they claim is the ‘center of the system’ had an early 2010’s feel to it.

If you were to use the Vertex Lead System, you may be able to generate more sales than if you were to send prospects directly to the E1U website.

But prospects are still likely to Google search Easy1Up before registering and end up on the poorly designed website. This may not matter if the prospect is already convinced.

However, if they have any doubt in their mind, the Easy1Up website and lack of social media is likely to be a deal-breaker.

Is It Still Possible To Make Money With Easy1Up?

Despite all of Easy1Up’s flaws, I do think you could make money with their system. But…

There is a major caveat..

You would need to be an extremely good digital marketer to be successful with this business.

To make money with this system, you need to be able to overcome Easy1Up’s online image. That means you need to generate a lot of trust and offer upfront value.

When researching the company, I discovered some of their members who are doing a good job of promoting the Easy1Up opportunity. I discovered David Dekel, who has built a very effective marketing funnel to promote Easy1Up.

There are other members on YouTube, who have built their own funnels to promote the opportunity…

But most members won’t have the digital marketing expertise to build a strong marketing funnel like this.

Instead, they will need to rely on the marketing materials provided by Easy1Up, which will ultimately fail them for the reasons I’ve already discussed.

Even if you do have the digital marketing expertise to build your own effective marketing materials, you will still be at a disadvantage.

The members you attempt to recruit may go through your funnel and be impressed by what you present to them. But at some stage, they will almost certainly visit the Easy1Up website and much of your good work will be undone.

And if you do have the marketing expertise to overcome Easy1Up’s poor marketing, I suggest there would be more rewarding ways to leverage your expertise.

Aside from requiring high-level marketing expertise, you would also need to be comfortable recruiting people into a business model that 99% of people lose money in.

Alternative Money Making Options

If you’re considering joining any network marketing company or affiliate marketing program, you should look at the company’s overall online presence.

You want to join a company that conveys credibility through their online presence. Their website should be well designed and ideally, they are active on social media.

If you don’t already have digital marketing experience, you should look for company’s that already have their own well developed marketing systems.

Many affiliate marketing offers already have highly persuasive sales pages that convert at high rates. If you can send people to these pages, it’s a lot easier to get sales because these pages are designed by professionals.

See Diabetes Freedom Sales Page Analysis

As an alternative to Easy1Up, you could also consider the ClickFunnels affiliate program. ClickFunnels offer marketing software and training products. Affiliates can earn commissions by promoting these products.

ClickFunnels Website – See The Difference?

In contrast to Easy1Up, ClickFunnels has a well established online presence. They are able to convey credibility and trust through their website and social media.

They also have well-developed marketing systems in place that make it easier for affiliate members to get sales.

Generating a consistent income online is very difficult if you don’t understand the principles of marketing and persuasion. Even if MLM companies or gurus try to tell you that it’s easy and you don’t need experience…

If you’re new to online marketing, read my article about how to learn digital marketing fast. I also recommend reading classic marketing books like Cashvertising and Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini.


Earning money with the Easy1Up system is possible. Some members claim to have earned a significant income from promoting this business.

But based on what I’ve seen, I would not recommend joining Easy1Up. As an affiliate, the company’s poor online image would be a difficult handicap to overcome.

Unless you have a lot of experience with digital marketing, it would be challenging to earn a consistent income through Easy1Up.

If you’re a business owner or marketing professional, this highlights the importance of managing your online image. People will quickly form an impression of your business based on your website and overall online presence.

To learn more about the psychology behind marketing campaigns, check out some of my other articles.

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