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4 Brett McFall Facebook Ad Copywriting Lessons

Would you like to learn four simple ways to make your Facebook Ads more powerful and persuasive?

Brett McFall is an Australian marketing expert who trains coaches and consultants to grow their businesses. He has a background in copywriting which has made him an extremely effective communicator.

He understands how to take classic, time-tested principles of copywriting and apply them to Facebook Ads. As well as his website, landing pages and email marketing.

These same principles used by McFall can be used in your own Facebook Ads to rapidly increase clicks, conversions and ultimately your revenue.

If you’re a coach or consultant, the four lessons I explain in this article will work particularly well for you. But they can also be just as effective in other industries.

In this article, you will learn…

  • One thing that you must make clear in your Facebook Ad text
  • How to increase people’s motivation to take action
  • A lesson about how to write your ads (people won’t read your ads if you violate this)
  • One simple way to get people’s attention on Facebook

1. Appeal To People’s Desire For Ease

In other articles, I talk about this desire for ease and simplicity in detail. Coaches in particular tend to play to this desire in their marketing. But it’s also commonly used in other industries.

Put simply, people want things to be easy. They want someone else to do the work for them.

In the Facebook ad below, I’ve highlighted two phrases that appeal to the desire for ease.

The person reading this ad begins to think “I can just follow this step by step process and model what Brett has done.”

That’s much easier than trying to figure out everything yourself.

Using phrases like ‘step by step‘ and ‘model what I’ve done‘ also increase people’s motivation to act.

People tend to be more motivated to take action when they believe they are more likely to be rewarded for their effort. They need to believe they are capable of achieving the desired result.

Most people don’t believe they can build a $50k per month coaching business on their own. But if they have a step by step process to follow, they become more open to the possibility of getting to $50k per month.

And that increases their motivation to act.

Here are some more examples from McFall’s ads that appeal to this desire for ease.

You will notice that McFall and other coaches will commonly use the words ‘exact’ and ‘exactly.’ This is because they know that people don’t want to have to figure it out on their own. They want to be told exactly what to do because that’s easier than working it out themselves.

coachification facebook ads

In the ad above, he takes advantage of some of the complicated marketing strategies often promoted to coaches.

He understands that most coaches don’t want to be creating Instagram stories every day. They don’t want to be posting content and publishing videos every day.

They want an easier method of getting clients. And McFall gives them hope that an easier, simpler method does exist.

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2. Tell People The Next Step

People tend to desire certainty in their life. In fact, certainty is one of the six core human needs according to Tony Robbins.

This human need is crucial to understand when you’re writing your ads…

People want to know what to expect when they click on your ad. They want to know the next step.

Will they be taken to a checkout page to buy a product? Will they be asked to register for a webinar? Or will they be taken to a blog post or video to watch?

Not knowing this creates uncertainty and tension. The user also risks wasting their time.

In the ad below, see how McFall clearly spells out the next step in his funnel.

brett mcfall

When you read this, there is no doubt in your mind what the next step is. Click on the learn more button and register for a free 45 minute class.

Notice how McFall is very specific with his call to action, to remove all uncertainty.

You know what button to click, how long the class is, what you’re going to learn in the class and you know that it’s free.

People will also be reluctant to click on the ad, if they fear that the next step will require a lot of work and effort on their part. It’s quite clear from this ad that should be relatively simple. Most people would imagine that they may just need to enter their name and email to register for the class.

Now compare McFall’s ad to this one..

real estate facebook ads

There appears to be some kind of offer in this ad at least – a free market analysis.

But there are so many unanswered questions. How do I ask Jan for a free market analysis? Where will the ad take me if I click on it? Do I need to call Jan?

It doesn’t fulfil the need for certainty. And therefore, most people won’t act.

3. Make Your Ads Easy To Read

In his book Cashvertising, Drew Eric Whitman says the #1 key to effective written communication is this: write so people can understand.

To get someone to take action on your Facebook ad, you need them to read your message and understand it.

All good copywriters know how important it is to write simply. In advertising, simple = effective.

Yet, so many advertisers on Facebook will violate this principle by writing ads that are difficult to read.

Notice in the ad below, just how easy it is to read…

coaching facebook ads

There are no long and complex sentences. You don’t see any long paragraphs that look like a wall of text. There are no big words that are difficult to pronounce.

It’s all very simple.

This relates back to people’s desire for ease. People want things to be easy so they can conserve their energy. And that includes written communication like Facebook Ads.

Try reading the Facebook ad below…

bad facebook ad examples

Nobody is going to stop scrolling through their Facebook feed to read through this wall of text.

Your mind thinks that it will take too much effort to read this ad. And it would prefer to conserve that energy, so you don’t read the ad.

When writing your Facebook Ads, use simple language that your audience can easily understand. Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs like in the ad above.

Take a look at all of the examples of McFall’s ads in this blog post and see how easy they are to read. You will also notice the same thing in his emails and on his landing pages. Everything is easy to read.

4. Use Questions In Your Ad Copy

Humans are conditioned to pay attention when posed with a question.

Think about a time when you were in a class or lecture. When the teacher is simply explaining something to the class, your attention will often go in other directions.

But as soon as they ask a question, your attention is back on them. Because you might need to answer the question.

Facebook Ads are really a battle for attention. Without attention, you can’t persuade people to take the action you want them to take.

But there is a lot of competition on Facebook for that attention. You’re competing with other advertisers, funny videos, posts from friends, as well as distractions outside of Facebook.

Using questions in your ads is one of the best ways to win the battle for attention. It’s a way to stop users in their tracks and draw their attention to your message.

Notice how many questions McFall uses in the ad below..

brett mcfall facebook ads

See how each question draws you in further?

If you are the person who is working in a job you don’t like, you want to keep reading to see where these questions are leading to. Perhaps there is a way out of corporate life.

By the time you get to that final question, he probably has your attention. And you’re likely to continue reading the rest of the ad.

This ad is quite different to the other ads featured in this article. It’s targeted to a different audience.

The other ads are targeted at people who are already coaches and consultants. McFall is able to get their attention simply by mentioning coaching in the image or opening paragraph of the text. As he does in the ad below…

facebook ads for coaches

If you’re a coach or consultant struggling to find clients, you’re probably going to at least pause to look at this ad. Simply because it calls out the audience: “EVERY coach and consultant needs to see…”

The question in the image makes this even more powerful.

But it won’t work for the corporate employee who isn’t already a coach or consultant. He needs a different approach to grab their attention. And the series of questions is a very effective way of doing it.

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Summary & Lessons For Your Own Ads

Brett McFall is a master of copywriting and there is so much to learn from his ads.

By applying just these four lessons in your own Facebook Ads, you can quickly make your ads much more effective and powerful.

To recap, here are the key take-aways from this article…

  1. People want you to make their life easier. If the product or service you’re advertising can make people’s life easier, you should highlight that in your ad copy.
  2. What is the next step for someone to take after they read your ad? Make it very clear in your ad what that next step is. People want certainty.
  3. Your ads need to be easy to read. If it requires too much brainpower to read your ad, then people just won’t read it.
  4. Facebook Ads are a battle for attention. Use questions in your ads to get people’s attention.

There is also a lot to learn from Brett McFall outside of Facebook Ads. If you are a coach or consultant, I do recommend taking a look at McFall’s webinar and Fast Client Formula. Also, sign up for his email list to see how these principles of copywriting can be applied in email.

And if you liked this analysis of Brett McFall’s Facebook ads, take a look at some of our other marketing breakdowns below.

We’ve analysed marketing campaigns from some of the world’s top copywriters and persuaders. And we explain exactly what makes them persuasive so you can apply the same principles in your marketing.

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