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How To Make Money Online Australia: 12 Ways To Do It

Do you want to know how you can start making money online?

Regular Australian’s are earning a full-time income online and it’s becoming increasingly common. You can do it too, using one of the methods in this post.

Whether you’re hoping to earn a few extra dollars on the side or if you’re looking to create a full-time income so you can quit your job, you will find a suitable option in this article.

In this article, we review 12 different ways of making money online. Some of them are very fast to get started. You could start making money within the next 24 hours. While others will take more time to get started.

If you’re looking to create your own business out of this, I recommend reading our article on How To Start An Online Business in Australia. In that article, you will learn how to register your business, how to set up your website and how to promote the business.

Even if you’re currently working full-time, you can start building a side-income online. There are some ways to earn money online that don’t require too much time so they are great for full-time workers.


  1. Start A Blog
  2. Freelance Writing
  3. Freelance Graphic Design
  4. Pay Per Lead Service
  5. Online Coaching
  6. Sell Online Courses
  7. Website Testing
  8. Online Investing
  9. Building Websites
  10. Building Landing Pages
  11. Selling on Marketplace and Gumtree
  12. Become A Social Media Influencer

1. Start A Blog

Starting your own blog can be one of the most rewarding ways to make money online.

It can always become highly profitable in the long term. Some bloggers are earning over $100,000 per month just from their blogs. I wrote an article about the Making Sense of Cents blog which generates over $1.5 million per year.

But it does take time and does require a lot of work. Blogging may not be the best choice for you if you need to start making money quickly.

Bloggers make money through advertising, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative for bloggers. It’s simply when the blogger adds a referral link to someone else’s product and gets paid when somebody clicks that link and buys.

In the article about Making Sense of Cents, I show how the owner Michelle earned $57,946 in just one month from affiliate marketing through her blog.

Starting a blog is simple. You will need to purchase a domain name (eg. and a website hosting plan, which can be done in under an hour.

You can get started with a website hosting plan from Hostinger for as low as $1.39 per month, which also includes a free domain name.

If you want to blog about a topic specific to Australia, I recommend buying a ‘’ domain. Otherwise, get a ‘.com’ domain.

Read This Article on the Blog To Learn How To Quickly Grow A Blog

2. Freelance Writing

Perhaps you’re looking to start making money online a little faster.

If you enjoy writing, consider becoming a freelance writer. With a little hustle, you could earn your first $100 from freelance writing in the next 24 hours.

There is a huge demand for freelance writers on the internet. Globally, there are millions on blogs and websites that need written content. They don’t want to write all of the content themselves so they will gladly pay a freelance writer to do it for them.

You can often earn $50 – $300 AUD per article you write, sometimes more depending on the word count. Clients will be happy to pay a good rate if you’re a good writer.

If you’re worried about finding clients to write for, it can actually be quite simple. There are numerous freelance writer marketplaces online including FlexJobs, Upwork, Pro Blogger and Copify.

Thousands of clients go to these sites every day looking for writers to produce content for them. If you’ve created a freelancer profile on these sites, the clients can hire you and start giving you work.

You will have to give a portion of your earnings to the marketplace. But you’re getting access to a huge pool of clients they have attracted. So it’s well worth it if you want to start getting clients quickly.

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Disclosure: If you buy something through a link in this article, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

3. Freelance Graphic Design

You might like the idea of freelancing to quickly earn money. But maybe writing isn’t a strength of yours.

There are still many other freelance services you can make money with online, including graphic design. Just like writing, there is also a very high demand for graphic design services on the internet.

Businesses want graphics to use in their advertising, on their websites, on social media and also for offline use. Unless they have an in-house designer, businesses will outsource this work to a graphic designer to do it for them.

As with writing, there are various online marketplaces you can join to quickly start getting clients. This includes Upwork and Fiverr.

Even if you don’t have much experience with graphic design, it’s a skill you can quickly learn. There are many online courses teaching the fundamentals of graphic design. Once you’ve learned these fundamentals, you’ll be able to find clients willing to pay for your skills.

4. Create A Pay Per Lead Service For Businesses

Businesses need leads to keep making money. This includes dentists, lawyers, travel agencies, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, consultants…

If they’re not getting enquiries from potential customers, their business won’t survive. But they often don’t have the time or knowledge to generate these leads themselves. Or they try to run Facebook ads to get more leads but it doesn’t work.

If you can run Facebook Ads to get leads, the businesses will gladly pay you for each lead you get them.

As an example, you could generate leads for real estate agents. You run ads on Facebook targeted at people wanting to sell their homes. Someone clicks on the ad, enters their information and a real estate agent pays you for that lead.

making money online with facebook ads

If the real estate agent is willing to pay $100 per lead and it costs you $50 in advertising costs to get the lead, you profit $50. Get 20 of these leads per week (which is quite possible) and you’re making $1000 per week.

It’s low risk for the business because they only have to pay when you get them a lead. So it’s easy for them to agree to your service.

By learning the basics of Facebook Advertising (or other online ad platforms), it’s actually not too difficult to get leads for these businesses. If you’re new to Facebook Ads, I recommend reading the article below to see what makes an effective Facebook Ad.

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5. Become An Online Coach

Do you have a skill you could coach people over the phone or through a Zoom call?

Online coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With more and more people wanting to develop new skills or improve existing skills, there is a huge demand for coaching services online.

A few examples of online coaching businesses are…

  • Business coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Language coaching
  • Social/dating coaches
  • Voice coaches

Thanks to the internet you can coach clients all over Australia or the world. And it can be very profitable. Depending on the demand for the skill you’re teaching and your level of expertise, you can potentially charge a very high hourly rate.

As with freelancing services, it’s a business model that allows you to start making a good income relatively quickly. But you will need to find clients to make money, which is where many coaches struggle.

To get your first clients, you can try running Facebook Ads or Google Ads to promote your services. See this article for examples of effective Google Ads.

You can also create a directory listing on a site like Noomi, which is the largest online directory of coaches.

6. Sell Online Courses

If you have specialist knowledge on a particular topic but don’t want to do 1 on 1 coaching, creating an online course could be a good option.

Compared to coaching, creating an online course will generally require a lot more work upfront. It will also take longer to start making a profit.

But once you’ve put in the initial work, an online course can be very financially rewarding. Some online courses will generate over $1 million for the creators.

Online courses can sell for anywhere from under $50 for shorter courses to $2500 for more in-depth courses. In another article, I talk about an online course that sells for $7500 USD. And people are willing to pay that much!

Making money from an online course will be much easier if you already have an audience. For example, if you post fitness content on Instagram and have 5000+ followers. It would then be much easier to sell a course to those followers because they already know you.

But even if you don’t already have an audience, online courses are still an option. You can start building an audience of followers through social media, blogging or YouTube and then promote a course to them later.

Or you could partner with someone who already has an audience on social media or on their website. You can offer to give them a percentage of sales in exchange for access to their audience.

Another option is to create your course on a platform like Udemy. You then have access to the huge worldwide audience they have built. But they will take a cut of your sales.

7. Get Paid To Test Websites

Website owners will pay you to test their website and provide feedback to them. All you need to do is go to their website and record your thoughts as you interact with the website.

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start earning money online. You simply register for one of many website testing services online and you can get started pretty quickly.

Payment rates will vary between different services. is an Australian website testing service that pays around $20 for a 20 minute test.

8. Online Investing

Thanks to the internet, Australian’s now have access to numerous investing opportunities. You can invest in shares, managed funds, cryptocurrencies, even real estate.

Most of Australia’s major banks have their own stock trading platforms like CommSec (Commonwealth Bank) and NAB Trade (NAB). If you have an account with one of these banks, it’s generally relatively simple to set up an investment account with them. You can then begin trading Australian and international stocks.

It’s important to do your research before you start investing. There is a risk with any of these investments and you can lose your money if you’re not careful. But you can also lose money on other online business models that require an upfront investment to get started.

Many Australian’s have started investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in recent years. But cryptocurrencies tend to be extremely volatile and many investors will lose money on them.

It’s best not to think of investing as your primary source of wealth generation. But rather, a way to compliment one of the other online business models in this article.

For example, if you were to create an online coaching business – you could take a portion of your earnings and invest it in the stock market for long term growth.

9. Build Websites For Small Local Businesses

There is a surprisingly large number of local businesses in Australia that still don’t have their own website. And the ones that do, often don’t have good websites.

This means there is an opportunity to make money by building websites for those businesses.

Even if you have no experience with web development or coding, it’s actually very simple to build websites using certain tools. Companies like Wix and Webflow have designed website builder tools that allow anyone to quickly create appealing websites.

These tools do have some limitations and may not be ideal for larger businesses. But for a small, local business, they’re usually perfect.

You can learn how to build websites using Wix or Webflow within 24 hours and then start pitching your website design services to local businesses.

It’s often worth offering your first few websites free of charge. This allows you to get experience faster and start building a portfolio of work that you can show to future clients.

Many local businesses will be willing to pay $1000+ for a website. You could also charge a monthly service fee for maintenance and updates to the website.

In another article, we wrote about 5 tips for small business websites. By simply applying those five tips, you can easily charge $2000+ per website.

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10. Build Landing Pages For Businesses

This option is a slight twist on creating websites for local businesses. Rather than building out a full website for a local business, you just create landing pages for them.

A landing page is a single web page, focused on generating leads for a business. It will generally contain some sort of offer, information, a call to action and a form for users to fill out.

The screenshot below is an example of a landing page from Home Loan Experts. The page is designed to generate leads for their mortgage brokers.

landing pages australia

A good landing page can be extremely valuable to a business. Especially if they are running Facebook or Google Ads. A well-designed landing page can help them generate dozens more leads every week.

If you learn the principles of what makes an effective landing page and then position yourself as a landing page expert, businesses will be happy to pay for you to build these pages for them.

As with websites, you don’t need web development expertise to build landing pages. You can use drag and drop tools like Unbounce and Lead Pages which make it extremely simple.

If you go down this path, try to learn a lot about marketing and copywriting principles. That knowledge will help you create highly effective landing pages and make you invaluable to your clients.

I wrote an article explaining how to learn the principles of marketing fast, which you can check out below.

Recommended Reading: How To Learn Marketing Fast

11. Sell Items on Marketplace & Gumtree

selling items online

You could make your first $200 in the next 24 hours by selling something on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

Most people can find a lot of items in their own home that never get used anymore and could be sold. You may not use them anymore but other people are looking for them on Marketplace and Gumtree right now.

Have a look for these items, take some photos and create listings for them on Marketplace and Gumtree. Having good photos and taking some time to write a good description will help you sell the items faster.

It doesn’t cost anything to create a listing on either of these platforms. And they both have a huge audience in Australia.

It’s also possible to make money by buying products at a low price and selling them for a higher price on Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay. This is a concept known as retail arbitrage.

12. Become A Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are people with large followings on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

They generally make money my promoting products for other businesses. Or they can also sell their own products to their audience. Influencers with large followings can be paid thousands for just one sponsored post.

If you already have a reasonably large following on social media, this could be an option for you. But if you’re starting from a small following, it can be very difficult and will require a lot of work.

Generally, the larger following you have, the more brands will be willing to pay you to do a post for them. You can get an idea of roughly how much you could earn per sponsored post based on follower count below…


Brands will also look at how engaged your audience is. If you have 50,000 followers but you only get 15 likes on your Instagram post, brands are unlikely to pay you much.

If you’re interested in making money as an influencer, you can create an account on a website like They connect brands and influencers together so you can start getting offers from brands.

What To Do Next..

You now know how you can make money online in Australia. Any of these methods can work and thousands of Aussies are already using these exact methods to make money.

The best thing to do now is to get started!

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can begin seeing money coming into your bank account.

Consider which of the business models above appeals to you most. Then take at least one step towards making it happen.

If you like the idea of becoming a blogger, then start your website. Once you have paid money to start a website (even if it is only a small amount), you will be more motivated to follow through with it. You can then pick the subject of your blog later and create a name for it later.

Or if you’d like to create an income through freelance writing, then go to one of the many freelancer websites like Upwork and create a profile so people can start hiring you.

You can always choose to go in another direction later on. Once you pick one of these methods, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it.

Making money online is easier than it has ever been. But it will require work, especially if you’re hoping to create a full-time income from it.

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