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6 Best Joshua Mayo Side Hustle Ideas

If you’ve ever searched for side hustle ideas on YouTube, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Joshua Mayo.

The Joshua Mayo YouTube channel has quickly grown in popularity since starting in 2021.

Joshua has posted dozens of videos with side hustle ideas. 

If you don’t want to spend hours watching all of his videos, this article will help you quickly discover the best of his side hustle ideas.

From watching his videos, my main criticism of Joshua would be that he gives viewers an unrealistic expectation of how difficult each of these side hustles really is.

So in this article, I’ll give you an honest perspective of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the business ideas. You’ll learn what the main challenges are for each business model and how possible it is to earn a big income.

I’ve also provided links to Joshua’s YouTube videos where he discusses each of these side hustle ideas in more depth. 

If you’re looking for more side hustle ideas, you can find a side hustle database on Joshua Mayo’s website.

Who Is Joshua Mayo?

If you’re not already familiar with him, Joshua Mayo is a popular YouTuber with over 648,000 subscribers. 

His videos cover a range of topics, including entrepreneurship, personal finance, investing and cryptocurrency. 

Mayo started his YouTube channel in February 2021 and has since had over 33 million views on his videos. With his most popular video titled 4 Side Hustles Nobody Is Talking About For 2023 having had over 3.8 million views.

Joshua’s channel earned over $600,000 in 2022 and is likely to exceed $1 million in 2023. Most of his earnings come from ads shown on his videos, sponsorships and affiliate marketing. 

Estimates of Joshua’s net worth range from $2.2 million to $4 million. However, I don’t believe he has ever disclosed his net worth in any of his videos.

1. Product Review Websites

Joshua Mayo calls this the #1 most profitable side hustle in 2023.

The method, which he refers to as “Google to purchase” is really just classic affiliate marketing. 

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s an online business model where content creators can receive commissions for recommending products. For example, if I were to place a link below to a book on Amazon about side hustles and you clicked that link then purchased the book, I’d get paid a small commission. 

Mayo recommends building a niche specific website and then creating listicle style product review articles on that website, containing affiliate links. 

The idea is to get these articles to rank on Google or other search engines so you get free traffic going to your website.

In his video, Mayo claims that this is a highly profitable side hustle, that requires no money, no skills and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

It is true that affiliate marketing can be highly profitable. There are some affiliate websites earning a six-figure income each month.

You can read my post about the Making Sense Of Cents blog to learn how one niche specific website earns over $1 million per year from affiliate marketing.

But the truth is that this side hustle does require skills. And to become highly profitable, it will usually require money as well.

Learning how to create content that ranks in search engines is a skill. One that takes a lot of time and research to learn. 

Difficulty Level: High

Earnings Potential: High

2. Selling Products On Etsy

This side hustle idea comes from his video titled “The #1 Work From Home Business Idea For Any Beginner.”

Mayo recommends using a print on demand service like Printify to create your own physical products like t-shirts, socks or phone covers then selling them on Etsy. 

Using a print on demand service, you can create your own unique designs to sell. You can get images and other creative elements to use in your designs from websites like Unsplash and Pixabay.

Now with AI power image generators like Midjourney, use can use these tools to create even more unique designs. 

Keep in mind that while there are sellers making good money on Etsy, it’s a very competitive marketplace. And it will often take dozens or even hundreds of products for a seller to have one successful product. 

Difficulty Level: Medium – High

Earnings Potential: Medium

3. Window Washing

This idea comes from Joshua’s video titled 6 Business Ideas You Can Start Today With $1000 in 2023.

He recommends window washing as a business idea because you can get started with minimal equipment and only a small upfront investment. 

Just some microfiber cloths, glass cleaner, a ladder and a vehicle to get around in can be enough to get started in the window cleaning business.

Dirty windows are always a problem so there is steady demand from both residential and commercial clients. 

If you understand how to use online marketing, this can give you a huge advantage over other businesses in the window cleaning space. If you go down this route, I’d recommend testing Google Ads and Facebook Ads to advertise your services. 

This could be a great side hustle for someone who needs money quickly and doesn’t mind doing some physical work.

The main challenge with this business model is likely to be finding clients. You’ll need to be comfortable speaking to potential clients and selling your services. And you’ll also need a way to generate leads.

Difficulty Level: Low

Earnings Potential: Low – Medium

4. Motivational YouTube Videos

Joshua Mayo claims this side hustle can generate $1000 per day.

In this video on YouTube motivational videos, he provides the example of YouTuber Ben Lionel Scott. This YouTuber has gained over 2.2 million subscribers from posting motivational videos.

His views regularly get over 150,000 views and his most viewed video has over 66 million views.

Mayo estimates that with this many views, Ben Lionel Scott would be earning over $1000 per day from his YouTube channel.

YouTube channels receive a share of the revenue from ads shown on their videos. When more people watch your videos, more people see the ads and the YouTube channel earns more money. 

The three components you need to create motivational videos on YouTube are the music, video, and the motivational content itself (often a speech).

You can use a platform like Epidemic Sound to find copyright-free music to use in your videos. And you can use a site like Pexels for free stock video footage.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is something that will require a lot of work upfront to get to a point where it’s making money.

If you want to monetize your videos with ads, you’ll need at least 1000 subscribers to be eligible. Just getting to 1000 subscribers will take a lot of hard work.

But if you can push through those first 1000 subscribers and continue producing more content, this could potentially become very profitable.

Aside from ad revenue, you could also monetize your channel through sponsorships or affiliate links.

Difficulty Level: High

Earnings Potential: High

5. Google Ads Services

In his video titled 12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Your Phone, Mayo suggests becoming a Google Ads specialist.

You can earn money by managing Google Ads campaigns for businesses. Freelance Google Ad campaign managers will typically charge a monthly fee for their service, which could range from $500 per month to $10,000+ per month.

Mayo suggests Google Ads in this video but you could do the same thing with Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads or TikTok ads.

Businesses will expect you to get results for them, otherwise, they won’t continue using your services. So you should make sure that you learn how to run ad campaigns before you start getting clients.

There is a lot you can learn for free about Google Ads online to get started. Take a look at this article on Google Ads examples to get ideas on writing effective ad copy.

You’ll learn most from actually running campaigns and gaining hands on experience. 

Once you get a few clients who are happy to continue paying you, this can be a very profitable side hustle.

To be successful in a side hustle like this, you’ll need some sales skills. Or you can partner with someone who does the sales for you. 

While Mayo does make being a Google Ads specialist sound fairly simple in his video, the reality is that this can be very difficult. Especially if you have limited experience with sales and running Google Ads campaigns.

6. Dropshipping On Etsy or Amazon

In Joshua Mayo’s most popular video, with over 3.8 million views, he suggests building a dropshipping business on Etsy or Amazon. 

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products without keeping them in stock. Instead, you buy products from a third-party supplier who ships them directly to the customer.

In his video, Mayo recommends using AliExpress to find and source popular products. 

Because the products on AliExpress are sold at a discount, you can sell the same products on Etsy or Amazon for a higher price, allowing you to make a profit. 

The advantage of this business model is that it’s low-cost to get started. Compared to other physical products businesses, you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money on buying products up front.

You only order the products when you receive an order from one of your customers. This makes it very appealing to people looking for a low cost side hustle.

The disadvantage of this business model is that the margins can be very low. By the time you factor in the amount of time you’ll spend setting this up, you’re not likely to see a big profit.

With Amazon and Etsy both being extremely competitive marketplaces, it will take a lot of work for new sellers to stand out over more established sellers. It could well take months before you see your first sale.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Earning Potential: Low

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