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If you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency in Australia, there is no shortage of options to choose from. New digital agencies are opening every week.

But with so many agencies making big claims about the results they can generate, it can be difficult to know which ones to trust. If you’re searching on Google, you’ll probably see at least seven different agencies saying they’re “the #1 digital marketing agency in Australia.”

Aside from a very strong referral, I believe the best way to determine the quality of a digital marketing agency is to look at their own work. What are they doing online to attract clients?

To create this list, I’ve looked at top digital agencies in Australia and reviewed their websites, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO to see who really knows what they’re doing.

The following agencies have demonstrated clear expertise through their own marketing. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will be able to produce results for every client and every industry. But it’s still one of the best indicators we have to rely on when choosing an agency.

In this article, you’ll see who the top agencies are, why they made the list and what type of businesses each of them might be suited to.

Megaphone Marketing

If you search on Google for anything related to digital marketing agencies in Australia, you’ll probably see Google Ads for Megaphone Marketing.

This agency offers a wide range of digital marketing services including:

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook Ads

They have also worked with clients including F45, Lululemon and Ozharvest.

I’ve included Megaphone due to their presence on Google Ads. At the time of writing, they’re also running ads on Facebook and Bing. But I would expect that Google Ads is their primary source of new business, meaning that Megaphone might be a good option if Google Ads is a key part of your business.

Their Google Ads are well-optimised, with strong, benefit-driven ad copy. I was impressed by their landing pages, which tick all the boxes required for a high-converting landing page.

Out of all the digital agency websites reviewed for this article, Megaphone clearly stood out as having one of the best websites. Their copy is well written and the website has been optimised well for lead generation.

Megaphone appears to be a relatively large agency with three offices here in Australia and another three overseas.

Working with a larger agency can be good because they have more resources. However, sometimes larger agencies will take on too many clients and meaning that smaller clients don’t receive a lot of attention.

First Page

Similar to Megaphone Marketing, First Page is another agency that’s very active on Google Ads.

This is also another large agency – with Australian offices and also an international presence. Their website claims they have over 1800 clients and 1100+ staff worldwide.

They have an impressive list of clients they have worked with including McDonalds, Microsoft, Rolls Royce and Cathay Pacific. With clients of this size, it could mean that smaller clients are neglected in favour of their big clients.

first page marketing agency
Brands First Page Have Worked With

Although they do offer a wide range of digital marketing services, I would be most inclined to use their Google Ads or SEO services. This appears to be where they’re strongest in their own marketing.

First Page is currently ranking in the top five results for “SEO agency” on Google. This is an extremely competitive keyword to rank for so it gives a lot of credibility to their SEO expertise.

They’re also ranking #1 for “Google Ads agency” and #5 for “digital marketing agency Australia.”


Online marketing agency, Sparro made it onto the list thanks to their impressive SEO rankings.

At the time of writing, Sparro’s website currently ranks on Google in Australia for:

  • #2 for “marketing agency”
  • #2 for “digital marketing agency”
  • #3 for “digital marketing company”

These are highly competitive keywords that could bring in a lot of new business for any digital agency. To be ranking in the top three results for each of these keywords is a good sign that Sparro is doing something right.

Clearly, Sparro is an agency to consider if you’re looking to outsource your SEO. But they also provide other services including paid search, paid social, influencer marketing and content marketing.

Sparro has worked with some major Australian brands, including Web Jet, Bing Lee and Temple & Webster.

As of February 2023, Sparro aren’t running any ads on Facebook and I couldn’t see them running any Google Ads.


Contevo has made this list mostly due to its well designed website. They are also ranking in Google for some valuable keywords, demonstrating competency in SEO.

The Contevo website shows that this agency has a strong understanding of conversion optimisation principles. You would expect this to be a given for a marketing agency but surprisingly, it’s overlooked by many agencies.

This Melbourne based agency offers SEO, PPC, social media and e-com services. They appear to have a focus on e-commerce marketing, making them a worthy option for e-com businesses.

Contevo has worked with some well known clients including Youi Insurance, Ray White and Cars Guide. But they appear to be a smaller agency than those listed above. This might make them a good option for small-medium sized businesses.


Anden is a Brisbane based agency with teams also in the US and Philippines. This is a specialist e-commerce agency.

The agency made it onto the list because of their well-designed website, which shows competency in conversion optimisation and copywriting.

Their service offering is not quite as extensive as some of the other agencies in this list. They have a core focus on email marketing but other services include:

  • SMS marketing
  • Facebook Messenger marketing
  • Loyalty marketing programs

Andzen is also the only agency in Australia (and outside of the US) to become a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner.

If you’re an e-commerce brand, Andzen are likely to be a good choice for you.

Marketing Agency FAQ’s

Should you work with a local agency?

Unless you want to be able to meet face to face with your agency regularly, there is no reason to limit yourself to just local agencies. The knowledge and expertise of the agency is far more important than the location. You could also consider working with agencies outside of Australia, although timezone differences may cause some issues.

What alternatives are there to hiring an agency?

The main alternatives to hiring an agency for your digital marketing are hiring marketing professionals as employees. You could also consider hiring a digital marketing freelancer.

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