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3 Jared Goetz Marketing and Persuasion Tactics

Do you want to become an authority in your industry and influence more people?

The ability to influence others is one of the top skills that can impact your life.

E-com coach, Jared Goetz provides a roadmap to being more influential. He knows how to apply proven persuasion techniques that influence people. 

In this post, I am going to review Jared Goetz’s webinar and the persuasion techniques he uses to sell his $1,999 E-Com Hacks Academy course.

In this article, you will learn… 

  • One of the most effective ways to make your marketing memorable
  • A technique used by the film industry that hooks people into your marketing
  • How you can offer your audience ‘a fresh start’ and why that’s so appealing
  • How to use social status to influence your audience

Who Is Jared Goetz?

Jared Goetz is an American entrepreneur and social media influencer. Throughout the years he has founded and co-founded multiple companies.

He has established an impressive social media presence with his 71.9K followers on Instagram. As of June 2020, his YouTube channel has 6.46k subscribers.

Goetz is most recognized for his success in digital marketing and e-commerce. He is known for building multiple seven-figure dropshipping stores. In 2017 Jared Goetz claims to have built an e-commerce store that went from 0 to $2 million in 60 days.

Goetz claims his online store, The Gadget Snob was the second-fastest growing online store in 2017, online behind Kylie Jenner’s store.

The Gadget Snob store is no longer operating as of 2020. The store was subject to multiple complaints and according to The Better Business Bureau, had a pattern of complaints.

After his initial success with The Gadget Snob store, Goetz went on to create the E-Com Hacks Academy course, where he teaches people how to succeed in e-commerce and dropshipping.

If you’re trying to learn how to make your marketing more persuasive, there is a lot to learn from studying Jared Goetz’s marketing materials.

In this article, I will examine 3 key influence techniques Goetz uses to sell his dropshipping course.

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of your audience and make your message memorable.

This technique is commonly used in marketing. But it’s not only marketers who use it. Some of the best public speakers in the world use storytelling to engage their audience.

Take this Ted Talk from Hyeonseo Lee for example. Her Ted talk has been watched over 12 million times on YouTube.

Lee may not be the most naturally gifted speaker. But she manages to grab the audience’s attention right from the start with her story of growing up in North Korea.

Storytelling is so powerful that it’s used as a technique by some of the world’s top memory athletes.

You can try an experiment yourself. Ask somebody to come up with 40 random words. Then ask them to read the first 20 words out loud, just once. Your goal is to remember as many words as possible.

After you have the results, make the person read the next 20 words.

This time, create a story from the words. Compare the results. 

Thanks to the power of story, you will almost certainly recall many more words the second time.

Our brains are programmed to pay attention to stories and remember them. Whereas, facts and figures are easily forgotten by the brain.

Jared Goetz uses storytelling to capture your attention right from the beginning of his webinar.

He creates curiosity to hook the viewer into the story.

This relates to another persuasion technique known as open loops. Open loops are essentially cliffhangers. They leave a gap between what you know and what you want to know.

Screenwriters of TV series use this concept regularly. They use open loops to make viewers desperate to find out what happens in the next scene or next episode. This ensures viewers stay hooked to the show.

Goetz creates an open loop at the beginning of his presentation.  You just have to know why he abandoned his Shopify store that was so successful. And of course, you want to know what is working for him now.

The story that Goetz tells, follows a common and effective storytelling formula. This is the same formula often used in Hollywood movies.

It begins with an initial success/victory. Then the lead character encounters a problem. And finally, they find a way to resolve that problem.

In the opening scenes of his presentation, Goetz eludes to a problem he encountered. But he doesn’t reveal what that problem was just yet.

The loop is opened.

Now the viewer is hooked in, craving answers. And they will continue watching to get those answers.

If you want to find more about open loops I recommend you read my Kerwin Rae article and see how he uses open loops to make his Facebook videos go viral.  

Goetz then goes on to continue his story. He shows his Shopify dashboard from the time his store was successful. 

This provides evidence to the viewer that success is possible. Also, it positions him as a professional and an authoritative figure (we will talk more about that later).

He explains what happened with this store and why it wasn’t successful in the long term. Goetz tells the audience about his good moments and his struggles. This triggers the viewer’s emotions.

By sharing his own struggles, Goetz makes himself more relatable to the audience. The viewer begins to think that Goetz really understands them, because he has been in their position before. It also provides hope that they can overcome their own struggles.

Finally, Goetz ends his story with the solution he found to the problems he encountered.

Storytelling is commonly used by some of the world’s best copywriters. This sales letter from The Wall Street Journal generated over $2 billion in sales. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling.

You can see another example of how storytelling is used to engage and create an emotional response in my analysis of the Diabetes Freedom sales presentation

2. Opportunity Switch

This is a concept popularized by ClickFunnels founder, Russell Brunson in his Expert Secrets book.

Deploying the opportunity switch is simple. You simply give people a different vehicle to achieve a result they are already chasing.

The opportunity switch is effective because people always experience frustrations and setbacks in the pursuit of any meaningful result. They often begin to lose hope.

An opportunity switch offers them a fresh start. And this can bring back the enthusiasm they originally had when they began pursuing their goal.

Goetz understands his audience. He knows the people who watch his webinar want to make money online.

He also knows they have probably already attempted other methods of making money online. For example with affiliate marketing, freelancing or even another form of dropshipping.

It’s likely they have experienced setbacks and frustrations during their attempts to make money through these methods.

Goetz presents the audience with an opportunity switch. The new opportunity is a method he calls dropsurfing.

ecom hacks academy

This new opportunity is still consistent with the viewer’s goal of making money online. But it’s appealing on a psychological level because it offers renewed hope.

The audience hopes that this will be an easier and more effective way to make money online that the method they’re currently attempting.

Of course, Jared Goetz isn’t the only marketing guru using the opportunity switch.

John Crestani is also using this technique to sell his affiliate marketing course. Crestani position his “Super Affiliate System” product as an alternative to other e-commerce ventures like dropshipping. You can read more about it here

3. Authority and Credibility

People tend to be easily influenced by the opinion and commands of authority figures. This is known as authority bias.

One way of leveraging authority bias is by associating your brand with figures of authority. This is a concept known as authority by association.

In another post, I discuss how wealth and business coach, JT Foxx associates with celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Jessica Simpson and Dr. Phil, to create a perception of authority.

Jared Goetz develops a perception of authority by connecting himself with respected publications that already have credibility. He highlights his appearances in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine.

People already perceive Entrepreneur Magazine as an authoritative source. So when Goetz associates himself with Entrepreneur magazine and other credible sources, some of that credibility is transferred to him

jared goetz

You can see that many digital marketers use the same strategy. For instance, in my post about Anik Singal, I reveal how he uses this authority by association concept to his advantage.

Goetz also conveys status to build his perception of authority. He uses his lifestyle to demonstrate his success to his audience.

Goetz presents a lifestyle his audience would aspire to. He understands the type of values and dreams that his audience has.

Many other marketing gurus take a similar approach to creating a perception of high status by showcasing their wealth. If you’ve spent any time on YouTube in the past few years, you’ve probably seen Tai Lopez’s videos.

Tai routinely shows off his luxury cars and mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

In another article, I wrote about how entrepreneur and former dating coach, Jason Capital uses status to drive his marketing strategy.

Summary – What You Can Learn From Jared Goetz

I recommend watching the E-com Hacks Academy webinar to see exactly how Goetz applies these persuasion techniques.

If you’re considering purchasing the Ecom Hacks Academy course, I suggest reading this Reddit thread, where members of the course have shared their experiences in it.

Out of the three influence strategies discussed in this post, I would encourage you to begin with storytelling in your own marketing.

Storytelling is something that can benefit every business and has been proven effective over thousands of years. Observe how storytelling is used in marketing, public speaking and education to get ideas on how you can craft a compelling story in your own business.

The opportunity switch and authority bias are also powerful techniques, particularly if you’re in the business of selling information.

If you want to gain a deeper knowledge of these persuasive techniques you should observe how other brands and influencers apply them. I have written numerous posts in this blog analyzing how these techniques are used.

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